[extropy-chat] Puzzle - Short Tale

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Feb 7 07:59:59 UTC 2004

> Spike wrote:
> > I found an old notebook in which I used to do mathematical
> > puzzles.  I had found in a commentary that 153 is the smallest
> > 
> > 8th:  24678050, 24678051, 88593477
> > 
> > complete loss for how.  OH NO I've grown stuuuupiiiiid!  {8-[  
>   Here's a quick (3-minute) algorithm written in Frink (a 
> programming language of my own design):...

Ja, the puzzle is that this algorithm is way too
slow to have been done on a 3.2 mhz computer.  It
would have taken months to get thru the 8th powers.

Robert wrote:

>Reviewing recent comments by Alan and Spike -- you folks had
>way too much time on your hands...

So very true.

But aint it grand?  {8^D  I just love having time for
reprehensible intellectual idleness.  {8-]  Its what
I want to do with eternity if I manage to get myself
uploaded: sit and think.  What else can a program do?

As it turns out, I rediscovered the algorithm today
and nailed the rest up thru 14:

numbers that equal the sum of the 9th power of their digits:


sum of the 10th powers:  4679307774

sum of 11th powers:  32164049650,

12th:  aint none!

13th:  564240140138

14th:  281164403359967

Clearly I didn't do this brute force method, computers
havent been in existence that long. 

{8^D  spike (the cheerful idler)

ps if anyone can think of an application for this
silliness, do suggest and we can apply for a
software patent together, assuming you do not
consider it a sin to patent an algorithm.  This
one is clever if I say so myself.  {8-]  s


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