[extropy-chat] Nominate/Suggest Catalysts for VP Summit!

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sat Feb 7 21:24:15 UTC 2004

Here's a supportive idea:

Somebody on the list made a great suggestion that we nominate several 
posters from the "extropy-chat" list to participate in the VP Summit as 

I'll start by nominating Spike to be a Catalyst.  Anyone want to make 
another nomination?

What is a Catalysts?

The Catalysts (about 30 individuals and organizations invited due to their 
special knowledge and skills) are the crucial connection between the 
previous two groups. As a Catalyst, you will have a crucial role in 
bringing the final product (“deliverable”) of the Summit into reality.

Catalysts will do some or all of the following (not everyone needs to do 
them all):

PROVOKE, MOTIVATE, & GUIDE discussion in the Workshop. One way to do this 
is to challenge those in the View-and-Do group to comment on what they 
think works and what does not work so well in the initial statements of the 
Keynotes. Obviously you can do this right from the start since the 
Keynotes’ statements are due to be online for the first day of the Summit. 
If a Keynote statement is revised (perhaps thanks to input from you or 
channeled through you), there’s another opportunity to focus attention. (Is 
the change really an improvement? And so on.)

INFORMATION NODE/CHANNEL: As the term implies, a Catalyst helps along the 
intellectual chemical reaction to make possible the final product. This 
means, one, conveying especially good thinking from the Workshop to the 
Keynote(s) concerned; second, get the View-and-Do group going if Keynote 
participants have requests for research to refine their contribution, or if 
they want specific feedback, etc.

EDIT/PRODUCE: Separately from activity in the “Workshop” area which is open 
to all attendees, you will have a Production Room. In that collaborative 
space, you will draw on the Keynotes’ statements and mix in your own 
thoughts and any productive results of discussion in the Workshop.


Natasha Vita-More
President, Extropy Institute
<http://www.extropy.org/>Extropy Institute
Join the Vital Progress ("VP") Summit — on the Internet —February 15-29, 2004

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