[extropy-chat] Nominate/Suggest Catalysts for VP Summit!

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MessageOh, go for it! It's just HTML. You could learn the minimum necessary to do what is needed for this in a day. I don;t think you will need to know JavaScript, tables, image maps, or any of the more complicated aspects, just basic text formatting.  

I would like to nominate Robert Bradbury for his in-depth knowledge and excellent communication skills.

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  I am honored, but it sounds like I need HTML skills?  I suck 
  at that.  I would be happy to manage information and write 
  summaries tho.  We have plenty of webheads who could
  help with a site I suppose.  

  We do, right?

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    Here's a supportive idea:

    Somebody on the list made a great suggestion that we nominate several posters from the "extropy-chat" list to participate in the VP Summit as "Catalysts."

    I'll start by nominating Spike to be a Catalyst.  Anyone want to make another nomination?
     ... Natasha

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