[extropy-chat] FWD (SK) The Coming Climate Collapse

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 20:48:06 UTC 2004

--- Spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:
> > Technotranscendence: 
> > ...I'd fear that some people wouldn't want such
> > macroengineering projects to take place no matter what -- even if
> the locals wanted it... Dan
> Why?  Im not disagreeing, but I do want to understand
> the reasoning of the people who might oppose such an action.
> Would the opposers be entirely on the part of those
> who wish the people of north Africa to starve?  Or are
> there other interests I am overlooking?  Looks like a
> tropical north Africa would help everyone in some way.
> To me, fixing Africa is an even more worthwhile project
> than going to Mars.  And this is *me* talking.

These would be the same people who oppose DDT use against malaria in
the third world, opposition which has cost tens of millions of deaths.
These would also be the people who are now lobbying to withold aid from
3rd world countries that accept genetically engineered grain seed.

Genocide, famine, starvation, epidemia, are not above these people, so
long as their Green religion's dogma is served.

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