[extropy-chat] Segways banned in Disney World

Brian Lee brian_a_lee at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 9 15:48:09 UTC 2004

The segway was being used by people who were unable to operate a bike or 
walk properly. Disney wouldn't allow them in because it's not an 
FDA-approved medical device. You tell the guy with MS that he's acting like 
a jerk on his segway.

The disney parks have staff members who use a segway, so it's not a 
logistical problem of lack of bike lanes.

Also, disney aready rents out scooters (for $40+ a day) to people too lazy 
to walk (or disabled) and there have been few incidents of "scooter rage".

The fact that you fail to see a need should not restrict others. Need and 
want are different things at times and if someone wants to pay $5k so they 
don't have to walk, let them. If they act like asses then they can be banned 
from the park (just as walkers who act like asses are).


>From: Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org>
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>Subject: Re: [extropy-chat] Segways banned in Disney World
>Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 11:18:55 +0100
>On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 10:53:33PM -0500, Brian Alexander Lee wrote:
> > Luckily there is a simple solution to the "running out of power" 
> > Monitor your energy via that handy battery life dial on the segway.
>You don't get it. Empirically, people don't do that. People don't wear
>helmets, and they behave like jerks when sharing the same space as
>pedestrians. That thing didn't get banned for nothing.
>I don't think Segways would have these problems where there are lots of
>dedicated bike lanes (and where pedestrians are trained to share a part of
>the sidewalk with cyclists -- which do wear helmets here).
>I fail to see a need for an expensive vehicle where walking or cycling do
>nicely. I can get a very good used bike for $250, and that one doesn't need
>recharging, and goes faster. Plus, it helps you to get rid of those pesky 
> > This is a minor problem that hasn't stopped the 5,000 purchasers of 
>Gosh, so they will start designing cities around it any time now, I guess.
> > You may as well avoid cars since running out of fuel at 85mph can cause
> > harm.
>Completely different failure mode.
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