[extropy-chat] Frink

Alan Eliasen eliasen at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 9 21:48:02 UTC 2004

Mike Lorrey wrote:
> Do you have a non-wireless version for Palm 3.5?

   (Referring to Frink, http://futureboy.homeip.net/frinkdocs/ )

   No, but I sure wish I did.  The problem is finding a Java Virtual Machine.
 There may be some companies that sell a for-pay JVM that will run on Palm
3.5, but I haven't found one that looks like it would work.  In theory, if the
device can run Java 1.1 (Frink runs fine even on the cut-down PersonalJava
1.1,) then it can run Frink.  But Palm only looks like they'll be supporting a
reasonable JVM on Palm OS 5, and that only later this year (they do have a
version you can download now for that OS, but it doesn't even support
floating-point, which I still use in a few places (most math is actually
arbitrary-precision in Frink.))  Even so, it looks like it'll be severely

   I'll let you know if this changes, but it's becoming less and less likely
that any companies are going to make a workable JVM for that platform (which
is what I use too.)

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