[extropy-chat] Eugen Leitl, you got Klez

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Tue Feb 10 11:46:49 UTC 2004

On Mon, Feb 09, 2004 at 06:36:24PM -0500, Brian Alexander Lee wrote:

> Bah. I've used outlook express for almost 10 years now with no negative
> consequences (other than not being able to view Eugen's messages).

You know that how? You sure you aren't running a zombie node right now? I.e.,
have you looked?

I can tell you what the consequences of people with your attitude are. You
are single-handedly responsible for >95% of all Redmond malware hitting the
mailservers (so the sysadmins have constatly play the Dutch boy and the
dike), a large and rapidly rising surge of spam, DDoS attacks on public web
sites. You're responsible for email having become unreliable. You're
responsible for knee-jerk reactions of Net zealots and hare-brained politicians
rushing to regulate the Internet. You're the one responsible for loss of
anonymity, and attempts to abolish free email.

The worst is: you don't know, you don't care, and you give us all the finger.
So don't be less than surprised about me utterly unsympathetic with your
> Once hotmail opens up to other mail clients then I'll be off outlook express
> in a heartbeat. Until then I'm chained to this client.

Please don't complain to me about you're becoming locked-in by a particular
vendor of your own free will. You do know who's running Hotmail, do you?
I presume you'll be happy paying Hotmail's electronic postage stamps, too,
just to be able to continue using Outlook.
> It's acceptable for what I need. It sends and received emails appropriately
> and as long as I don't open any attachments I'll be virus free.

Dream on. You don't have to open anything; you don't have even to activate
the preview pane. Once again, you operate on pure faith. Figures.
> Don't you know that anti-snobbery is the new snobbery? All the cool people
> went back to windows when all the losers moved to mac and linux (and tell us

"Going back to Windows" implies that "all the cool people" did use Windows at
some point. I'm glad to be uncool, I guess.

> about it all the time). It's like when communism went to the left so far it

It's funny in a pathetic way, when people trapped in proprietary prisons
whine about other people whining about being trapped in proprietary prisons, while
blaming those of us who aren't.

> became fascism.

Godwin. EOT.

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