[extropy-chat] Polly the Opera and Polly the weird promotional exe

emlyn on nagero nagero at chariot.net.au
Wed Feb 11 06:50:19 UTC 2004

At 10:42 AM 11/02/2004, you wrote:

>On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, emlyn on nagero wrote:
> > Damn, I've failed to establish my own identity. Help me out here, anyone...
>Ok Emlyn -- to make you happy I've downloaded the program.
>But to get me to execute it... (har har har...) Not that I
>have any questions about your identity but it would simply
>be foolish to execute an "off the net" program.  I have
>to deal with my 80 year old father who makes the mistake
>of downloading some .exe game file that infects his computer
>with a virus.  I have better things to do with my time.

Go on Robert... you going to tell me you can't even run an exe in a sandbox?

Seriously, someone here must have the guts to run it once and let everyone 
know how totally cool and *bloody well safe* it is. Please please please... 
(I don't know why I bother...)

Actually, there *is* a little memetic parasite in it... have a go of the 
teapot vs coffeepot game, it'll suck you in and force you to waste your 
time on it :-)

>Its an ~1.2 MB file (rather large).  I would have to disassemble
>it and go through the code extensively before it would make any
>sense to execute it.

If you are using anything by MS, Robert, I'm already rotflmao! Otoh, if you 
have disassembled something like Word or IE and checked it all out, then 
hot damn, I bow down before the mighty!

Someone must be able to run a vmware session or something. Fuck!

>Now, one deals with the identity problem -- you are correct
>that no amount of googling will help.  This is the extropians
>list -- we *know* you can be replicated (or at least those
>of us who really understand nanotech do).  We also know that
>your replicated twin might be a warped and evil person by design.

If it's a careful copy, yes it will be.

>We have spent at least 9 years discussing how advanced species
>might develop and there is no reason believe that you are
>not a representive of such a species and are here on Earth with
>motives that are different from our own.  I'm obviously going
>a bit over the edge and getting kind of X-file-ish here but
>I think you would agree the points are valid (if you are indeed

But the original me could have been evil, and the copy might be the nice 
version. As to advanced, you must be using some heretofore unknown 
definition of "advanced" that means something rather idiosyncratic :-)

Guys, girls, non gender specific AIs, aliens, uplifted crustaceans, I put 
some work in this thing, my virus checker goes to 11 so I know it's clean, 
do me the courtesy of having a look, please.


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