MUA fun Re: [extropy-chat] List is delayed?

emlyn on nagero nagero at
Wed Feb 11 12:44:18 UTC 2004

This is almost relevant to recent discussions... turns out it was me.

I switched from OE to Eudora, because OE was playing up; eating *all* of my 
incoming mail every so often (I couldn't pin the behavior down, sometimes 
emails lasted a day or two, sometimes 5 minutes, but they all disappeared 
eventually). Virus scanner cranked, firewall up, updates up to date, no 
other weird behaviour. I couldn't find a checked checkbox in OE saying "eat 
all my f*cking email", so like the good persistent extropian I am, I gave up.

Eudora is funky! It'd freak out Joe Soap a bit, but it appeals to me, and 
probably to techies generally. Feels like I have more control. However, it 
complained this morning that it couldn't download it's ads for me (boo 
hoo), and it'd have to give itself an instant frontal lobotomy because I'm 
oh so cheap. Fine, says I. Everything appeared in order.

Eventually I worked out it wasn't checking my second @ anymore. Dumb. About 
ten seconds later I found a button to put those missing lobes back (no I 
don't understand why it let me do that, mysterious), and now it's all in 
order again.

And I haven't lost any emails for two days now... Cool!


At 02:04 PM 11/02/2004, you wrote:
>Is it just me, or are messages taking a looooong time to get to other people?
>(It could just be me, I'm using a new @, maybe it's dysfunctional)
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