[extropy-chat] Religion: A discussion

Brent Neal brentn at freeshell.org
Wed Feb 11 15:54:21 UTC 2004

 (2/11/04 7:27) Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at yahoo.com> wrote:

>That is a rather unscientific jump to conclusions to reach. Have you
>interviewed them all?

Well, since Popper clearly defined what the term scientific means, I'll rephrase my original assertion in a properly scientific format: No Christian Church in the United States currently supports the theory of evolution. 

The caveats for the pedantic: The UUA is not Christian. Many liberal denominations take no position at all, leaving it to the "consciences of the faithful." (or some such wording)

Now, we'll move on to the "facts" as they stand, noting that some of them do not meet Popper's standard for rigor.

1) The Young Earth movement is one of the fastest growing groups within American fundamentalism
2) Creationists and their apologists are attempting to have their religious beliefs classified as science on equal footing with evolution via "Creation Science"
3) No -leader- of a large church body that I have spoken to has ever been willing to admit that they are not creationist. This includes at last count, 5 delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention, 1 bishop of the Methodist church, 3 bishops (and 2 bishops-elect) of the Anglican Church.  

There we go,

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