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--- Brent Neal <brentn at freeshell.org> wrote:
>  (2/11/04 7:27) Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >That is a rather unscientific jump to conclusions to reach. Have you
> >interviewed them all?
> Well, since Popper clearly defined what the term scientific means,
> I'll rephrase my original assertion in a properly scientific format:
> No Christian Church in the United States currently supports the
> theory of evolution. 
> The caveats for the pedantic: The UUA is not Christian. Many liberal
> denominations take no position at all, leaving it to the "consciences
> of the faithful." (or some such wording)
> Now, we'll move on to the "facts" as they stand, noting that some of
> them do not meet Popper's standard for rigor.
> 1) The Young Earth movement is one of the fastest growing groups
> within American fundamentalism
> 2) Creationists and their apologists are attempting to have their
> religious beliefs classified as science on equal footing with
> evolution via "Creation Science"
> 3) No -leader- of a large church body that I have spoken to has ever
> been willing to admit that they are not creationist. This includes at
> last count, 5 delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention, 1 bishop
> of the Methodist church, 3 bishops (and 2 bishops-elect) of the
> Anglican Church.  
> There we go,

The Catholic Church has endorsed evolution, as have the
Unitarian/Universalists, while the Congregationalists are generally in
agreement, but getting them all to agree on anything in particular is
difficult. Anglican Bishop Robinson of NH has endorsed evolution as
well, last I heard.

Care for another revised statement?

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