[extropy-chat] DVD recommendations?

Johnius Johnius at Genius.UCSD.edu
Wed Feb 11 22:58:36 UTC 2004

Mike wrote:
> the entire Stargate SG-1 canon

	Interesting.  I haven't been watching those, but
	maybe I've been missing something.  I did watch
	many Babylon V episodes and enjoyed those, and
	of course have seen almost every Star Trek episode
	and movie ever made.  

> AI

	Yes!  That might be especially good, especially
	the final alien sequence.  Another one which might
	be pretty cool with DVD clarity was one of the 
	mission to mars scifi movies where they went inside
	the "face" building ... there's a great CG sequence
	in there.  

	I also wonder if the Mechanical Universe series is
	on DVD ... some of the math-physics CG sequences 
	are very nice (done by James Blinn & Tom Apostol
	I believe).

Brian wrote:
> signing up with Netflix and heavily renting

	Interesting suggestion.  I take it this is a web-based
	rental?  Shipping charges must apply if so...

Eugen wrote:
> anime ... Hayao Miyazaki ... Studio Ghibli

	Yes, can't forget the anime!  

> Cowboy Bebop

	I've seen most of those ... I guess the series ended
	with no new sequels?

Jay wrote:
> Momento probably works better on DVD than as a movie.

	Probably so!  I rented the video once, watched it straight
	through, then cheated and played the sequences in reverse
	order ... a bit time-consuming, but I had to do it :-)
	On DVD it would be much simpler...

> Pi is worth watching. 

	That was a weird one!  I know a few newage types who say
	that other movies based on the same idea are better ...
	I think they mentioned "Omega Code" and another one...

> try to find the Russian version of Solaris.

	Ahhh ... yes, this is one reason to have a multi-region
	DVD player!  I figure there are many foreign versions of
	movies without U.S. censorship or 'esthetic-edits' (not to
	mention foreign movies which either are too inaccessible
	or 'differently-moraled' for typical U.S. audiences).

Kevin wrote:
> Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Special Edition) In the special 
> edition you get to see the Lego Knights version of the Camelot song!

	worth noting!

	Thanks all for the suggestions.  I'm adding many to my

	Best, Johnius

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