[extropy-chat] A real (therapeutic) cloning advance

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Thu Feb 12 02:26:53 UTC 2004

Hi Extropes,

The following may be of interest. 


"WASHINGTON (AP) - Researchers in South Korea for the first
time have cloned a human embryo and then culled stem cells from 
it, marking an important step toward one day growing patients'
own replacement tissue to treat diseases.

The experiment is sure to revive controversy over human cloning,
both in the United States and internationally.


Scientists from Seoul National University report they succeeded 
- thanks, they say, to using extremely fresh eggs donated by South
Korean volunteers and finding a gentler way of handling the genetic
material inside them.

The report appears in Friday's edition of Science magazine.


Brett Paatsch

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