[extropy-chat] GWOT: Out of focus

Russell Evermore nanowave at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 12 21:06:45 UTC 2004

Major writes:

> Actually only the metaphysical belief is strictly necessary for
> something to be a religion.

Interesting, so a child who believes a magical fat man with a white
beard drops down a chimney every Dec.24 is following a religion by
this definition. Why use words at all if they are going to be watered
down to absurdity.

> > The world's five major religions all have aspects of tolerance.
> The Muslims given the choice to convert or die during the crusades
> might have something to say about that, but I'll let it pass.

Well since you didn't let it pass at all, I will again point out the
value of at least aiming for some sort of precision in language. You
do see the word "have" in the statement you objected to? Yet you take
that to read "have always had." It's perfectly clear to me that
religions are EVOLUTIONARY systems (by choice or by necessity) and
that what once "was" does not foever make a "what is." Except perhaps
to the Wahhabi outlook, and that's precisely the point.
> > Can an ideology that is xenophobic to all that are different be
> > considered a religion?
> Sure, if God says so.

Well since the author is mainly addressing non-wahhabis "God" probably
doesn't say so.

> > Can Wahhabism, which seeks either the conversion or death of all
> > Muslim sects, plus all Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists,
> > secularists and pagans, be considered acceptable in our modern and
> > pluralistic world?
> Wahhabism is acceptable. We may not agree with it, but there is no
> belief which is not acceptable in a pluralistic world.
> The *actions* of Wahhabites may or may not acceptable. If they stand
> on a mountain and tell us we should convert or commit suicide then
> they are doomed to fail but perfectly acceptable. If they start
> blowing up buildings that is unacceptable.

Sooooo ... Robert Picton believes there is little or no distinction
between butchering pigs and butchering prostitutes.

No problem right, everyone is free to his own beliefs.

And he sets up a little private school right on his farm for eight to
twelve-year-olds to teach them about the virtues of his belief. And
just to make it all work out he decides to skip science, math, history

Question: How many kids is he allowed to graduate before he has "DONE"
something punishable in your opinion?

> > How can a country which does not allow Christian worship or even
> > Christian burial on its scared soil be our ally? A greater
> > occurs when we learn about Saudi funding of terrorism.
> And here is the author's not too hidden agenda. America is a
> "Christian country". Anyone who does not allow Christian worship is
> the enemy...

And what's your "hidden" agenda?

> > The correct and honest course is to declare war on all Wahhabite
> > states and peoples.
> ...and should be blown up. OK, not hidden at all.

Nope, nope I didn't read that. But when language is mix and match and
water-down I can see how you might get that.

Russell Evermore

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