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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 12 21:26:18 UTC 2004

--- Russell Evermore <nanowave at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Declare War on Wahhabism

On the contrary. The problem with this stance is that this is what they
want. Al qaeda is made up of wahab adherents, and is supported by
ultra-orthodox wahabbists in the Kingdom. Their intent, in picking so
many Saudis for the 911 attack was to divide the US from its allies in
the Saudi government. I said 'in' the government. I would not say the
entire government is our ally. The defense ministry, in particular, is
not. They want to expand their power in the Kingdom by taking over US
airbases, and they support the ultra orthodox wahabbists that decry the
'decadence' of modern Saudi society and the cultural influence of the
US on Saudi citizens.

The Wahabbists wanted us to treat Saudi Arabia as an enemy state, so
that Saudis would cast off US things and US ideas, and return to a
purer bedouin wahabbist lifestyle.

Instead, I would tell the Saudis that we want as many Saudi students to
come to the US to study as possible, with the caveat that each student
must spend at least one year living with a US non-muslim family.

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