[extropy-chat] PREDICT: Chinese WMD proliferation

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 15 17:59:19 UTC 2004

In the past some on this list have pooh-poohed my assertions that China
is the originator of the nuclear proliferation we are seeing in North
Korea and the muslim world today. Turns out I was right, as follows:


Libyan Arms Designs Traced Back to China 
Pakistanis Resold Chinese-Provided Plans 
By Joby Warrick and Peter Slevin
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, February 15, 2004; Page A01 

Investigators have discovered that the nuclear weapons designs obtained
by Libya through a Pakistani smuggling network originated in China,
exposing yet another link in a chain of proliferation that stretched
across the Middle East and Asia, according to government officials and
arms experts. 
The bomb designs and other papers turned over by Libya have yielded
dramatic evidence of China's long-suspected role in transferring
nuclear know-how to Pakistan in the early 1980s, they said. The Chinese
designs were later resold to Libya by a Pakistani-led trading network
that is now the focus of an expanding international probe, added the
officials and experts, who are based in the United States and Europe. 

The packet of documents, some of which included text in Chinese,
contained detailed, step-by-step instructions for assembling an
implosion-type nuclear bomb that could fit atop a large ballistic
missile. They also included technical instructions for manufacturing
components for the device, the officials and experts said. 

"It was just what you'd have on the factory floor. It tells you what
torque to use on the bolts and what glue to use on the parts," one
weapons expert who had reviewed the blueprints said in an interview. He
described the designs as "very, very old" but "very well engineered." 

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