[extropy-chat] GWOT: Out of focus

Russell Evermore nanowave at shaw.ca
Sun Feb 15 21:38:16 UTC 2004

> > Interesting, so a child who believes a magical fat man with a
> > beard drops down a chimney every Dec.24 is following a religion by
> > this definition.
> Yes. For as long as the children believe. (Major)
> > Why use words at all if they are going to be watered
> > down to absurdity.
> I don't see any absurdity. Neither do the Seventh Day Adventists and
> others who see Santa as heresy.

Ok, let's say I agree with you on this. So I grant Wahhabism (a
terrorist cult which fosters virulent anti-Americanism and luddism)
the "lofty" status of religion. In embattled America, The Bill of
Rights guarantees "freedom of religion" ergo in order to fight violent
anti-Americanism and luddism I must first fight The Bill of Rights!
Perhaps that should/could be done, I don't know, but I suspect the
clock has long since run out on that particular option.

Should I select the only viable option then and cheer Allah Akbar!?

> > > > The world's five major religions all have aspects of

> OK, so lets pick an example in the present tense. There are
> significant number of people who claim to be Christians and point to
> biblical instructions to persecute homosexuals. Are these people not
> practicing a religion? Is Christianity therefore not a religion?

*have aspects of tolerance* dang it!  Since I'm an Atheist, you'll get
absolutely no argument from me regarding the corresponding *aspects of
intolerance* to easily be found in Christian lore. HOWEVER Xtianity is
currently modulated by Science and Reason - check out the Christian
Science Monitor more often. Not so, Wahhabism. The Ko_an = handbook of
Jihadi justifications. At this late stage in the game, we can chat
about the perils of theocracy and Seventh Day Adventists till the cows
come home, but I'm reasonably certain we would be far better off
studying the intrinsic properties of ferrocrete, and the shielding
qualities of a mere 36 inches of soil.

Shake dreams from your hair my friends, the doctrine of "divide and
donquer" is alive and kicking.

http://www.iwchildren.org/unity.htm , Janet Jackson, OutKast


http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=televisionNews&storyID=4358536 ,

And on and on it goes. I'm reasonably certain that after the next "big
thing" goes down, many of you will come to your senses and realize the
sheer magnitude of the human/transhuman problem we are facing. It
doesn't matter if Jerry Falwell seems a bit of a loon, next to a
Wahhabi/terrorist he might as we be a card-carrying PCR Popperian.
It's not as if we're looking sidways across time into the eyes of  a
man holding a bible, it's more like we're gazing down through time
into the glass-eyed stare of a man holding the MALLEUS MALEFICARUM.

Read the original post again. A dozen times if need be.

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