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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Mon Feb 16 15:45:36 UTC 2004

At 03:05 PM 2/15/04 -0800, Olga wrote:
>"Society may not be quite ready for the day when a dead person's face is
>recycled for the living - but that day is coming...
>... Faces are the most visible portion of human identities. They're how we
>think of ourselves, how others recognize us. The possibility of altering
>that identity so radically - a science-fiction plot device made real - could
>make people recoil, perhaps eroding support for the operation.":

I was not able to read the article, but engineering faces is 
fascinating.  We will have to rethink and relearn how we "read" people's 
faces.  It is fairly easy to recognize a face that has had reconstruction 
or does have removable parts.  We would need the capability detect the 
seamless replaced faces, and another capability o go into the brain and see 
the lines of experience within the brain that had once been worn on the bio 


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