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Russell Evermore nanowave at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 16 19:36:20 UTC 2004

Ohhhhhhhhh alright already! (I've already done some study on

But here's the thing. Why do I keep getting stuck on the notion that
IE and Outlook Express may simply "appear" more vulnerable because a
gajillon seething, anti-Microsoft, Gates bashing,
jealous-of-the-fact-a-geeky-nerd-actually-made-it-big, vandal
mentality hackers keep relentlessly attacking these products?

Yes I will switch, I'll switch dammit, but may my new platforms never
become overly popular, and may the creators of these products all look
like Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise, and may everyone else keep on using
Microsoft to keep this ugly hoard of orks otherwise occupied.

And come to think of it, America is coming under a similar kind of
attack, so maybe we should all just abandon that as well to search for
better security elsewhere - maybe Antarctica, or Mars.

-------end of high-pitched, squeaky, hysterical rant.........


> "If you're still using Outlook and Internet Explorer, this is a good
> to find alternatives (I suggest FireFox and Thunderbird). Crackers
> spammers are getting more and more sophisticated, and are finding
ways to
> fool even experienced and skilled computer users."
> Robert
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