[extropy-chat] gay marriage

Kevin Freels kevinfreels at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 17 17:48:23 UTC 2004

> As a side note, several of the Muslim protesters
> carried signs reading "Even the animals do not
> have same-sex relations."  Anyone who has been
> around animals enough knows that this is not true.
> I don't know why that particular meme would find
> resonance with that set.

That meme has been around a long time. It was shortly after Darwin's
"Origin" when the church started espousing all these ways that humans were
different than animals. The idea was to emphasize how unique we humans are,
therefore reinforcing the "creation" myth. Many other religions followed

Of course if you really go down that road, you could say that war,
homosexuality, and random violence are all the hallmarks of God's creation
of the perfect being in His image and therfore they are all good things! :-)

There are other silly misconceptions out there that are similar such as,
"Humans are the only creatures that kill for reasons other than food"
although you and I both know that a domestic housecat kills for no other
reason than fun. (After killing a mouse, it will go on to eat it's food from
the bowl unless it has been taught to eat it's kill)

I once made a long list of these silly ideas. I tried to find it, but it has
gone missing. It had all sorts of common misconceptions in it such as
"Humans are the only primate to mate face to face" and "Humans are the only
species that wage war", both of which are wrong. I hope I can find it. I
wrote it years ago as research for a possible book, but I never had the time
to actually get started on it. If I locate it, I'll pass it along. That was
about 8 computers ago, so I'll be lucky to find it. Maybe it is on an old
ZIP disk or something.

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