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Tue Feb 17 19:02:32 UTC 2004

Michael Talbot is the author of "Beyond the Quantum", "The Holographic
Universe", and "Mysticism and the New Physics". The titles, especially the
last two, look too much like New Age nonsense, and I would normally not buy
this kind of books. But somehow I got the first one a few years ago, and, I
had to concede that it is a very well written book: Talbot is a good,
intelligent writer who has taken the time to read and try to understand his
subject. So I bought the second book, of which I think the same: a very,
very good book. I promised to myself that I would buy other books by the
same author, yesterday I did a search and found the third book in the list
above, which I just bought on Amazon. Unfortunately I also learned that
Michael Talbot died of leukemia in 1992, at 39.
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