[extropy-chat] List of silly misconceptions

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 18 06:04:46 UTC 2004

> Kevin Freels

> >"Humans are the only primate to mate face to face"

Chimps *occasionally* do it that way, but it doesn't seem
to be their favorite.

> > "Humans are the species that wage war"

Both chimps and gorillas have been known to do something
like a gang rumble, where members team up and fight another
team.  But the best example is in ants.  If you have ever
seen two ant colonies going at each other, well if that 
isn't a war I've never seen one.

I've seen other beasts besides housecats that kill just
for fun: if coyotes get into a sheep fold, they will often
kill many or all the sheep, while devouring only one or
sometimes none of them.  I once had a doberman that would
slay any beast it could find, animals that were neither a 
threat nor a meal.  This I can only interpret as killing 
for fun.  I've heard that dolphins can be mean sons-a-bitches
too, but no firsthand knowledge.


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