[extropy-chat] Near Death Experiences: a scientific approach

Johnius Johnius at Genius.UCSD.edu
Wed Feb 18 06:22:20 UTC 2004

Hi all,

  A friend of mine pointed me towards some work that seems
to support the notion of separability of 'mind' and 'body'
or brain (e.g., near-death experience, mind-life-after-death).
I personally don't buy it--I think that 'mind' is what brains
do, but maybe there's something here that non-dualists need 
to answer?


  My friend wrote:
"he addresses most if not all the objections given against 
NDEs being produced outside of the brain. [...]
scientific analysis of whether life and consciousness go on 
after death might just settle that question.

What do the extropians think of this separation of mind and
body? It would certainly affect their 'uploading' idea."

  Further work might be found by searching on 
"Peter Fenwick" and "Sam Parnia" ... but beware that many
of the hits will probably be on certifiable crackpots...


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