[extropy-chat] Time Travel Fund

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Thu Feb 19 00:19:07 UTC 2004

--- Kevin Freels <kevinfreels at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I already wrote a letter to my own descendents and
> placed it into a
> safe-deposit box asking for someone from the future
> to come get me. There
> are instructions outside to pass on the care of the
> letter to the next
> descendent and all those things I could think of to
> make sure it gets passed
> on.
> Unfortunately, I am still here so I can only assume
> my letter never made it,
> or time-travel never will become
> possible....................

Or someone along the line decided we weren't worth
saving, or possibly that the Extropians' impact on
society was so great and positive that they dare not
risk even the slightest interference with any of our

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