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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 19 00:21:47 UTC 2004

Nah, that's not it. They've just read all the posts you've made on the
internet (and will make in the future), and decided they just don't
want to deal with a barbaric crotchedy great-nth-grandmonster. I know,
that's what my decendants told me... ;)

Another possible explaination is that you lived into the future, and
your future self nixed the whole plan cause you don't want to have to
deal with yourself... ;) If I were you I'd not complain. Imagine having
to deal with your older self your whole life, always being treated
condescendingly, him knowing all the answers and having all the
cultural referents. Jerk would make it insufferable for you.

I'd hate to be my own little brother...

--- Kevin Freels <kevinfreels at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I already wrote a letter to my own descendents and placed it into a
> safe-deposit box asking for someone from the future to come get me.
> There
> are instructions outside to pass on the care of the letter to the
> next
> descendent and all those things I could think of to make sure it gets
> passed
> on.
> Unfortunately, I am still here so I can only assume my letter never
> made it,
> or time-travel never will become possible....................
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> > --- Giu1i0 Pri5c0 <gpmap at runbox.com> wrote:
> > > Note: Retrieving you just before
> > > the moment of death is
> > > just one possible scenario, but one that would avoid
> > > any Star Trek(TM) type
> > > paradoxes.
> >
> > Better option: retrieve from after the person goes
> > into cryonic suspension.  Of course, that requires the
> > person have cryonic suspension...in which case, from
> > the person's point of view, death would be an
> > immediate
> > transport to a future revival as a posthuman even
> > without time travel.  So, why spend resources on this
> > alternate approach, if the chances of it ever
> > suceeding
> > are as low as they appear?
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