[extropy-chat] Stem cells mined from human-embryo clone

Johnius Johnius at Genius.UCSD.edu
Thu Feb 19 01:04:20 UTC 2004

Hi all, apologies if this has already been posted here... J

Stem cells mined from human-embryo clone
  [Excite News]
Researchers in South Korea have cloned a human embryo to cull stem cells 
from it -- a step toward one day growing patients' own replacement tissue 
to treat diseases. The experiment is sure to revive controversy over human 
cloning, both in the United States and internationally. (02/11/04)

Loud minority must not rule on stem cells
Froma Harrop asks, "Are Washington politicians going to tell millions of 
American families that their loved ones must die because religious 
conservatives don't approve of embryonic stem-cell research?" (02/15/04)

[from Ifeminists.net]

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