[extropy-chat] SPACE: new planet?

Technotranscendence neptune at superlink.net
Sat Feb 21 00:37:54 UTC 2004

On Friday, February 20, 2004 6:20 PM Harvey Newstrom
mail at HarveyNewstrom.com wrote:
>>> These are older worlds that formed before our planets.
>> That really isn't clear.
> All of the references I read on Kuiper Belt
> objects state that they are primitive left-
> overs from the early solar system
> formation, before the planetesimals in
> the inner solar system formed or combined
> into planets.  I don't know of any theories
> that form planets first and Kuiper Belt objects
> later.

I hate to have to agree with Harvey -- in public, no less:) -- but I've
had much the same experience.  Even recent articles in _Nature_ -- and
I'm not using this to browbeat anyone, but merely to give a barometer of
the state of the field -- do not contend that KBOs formed later than the
planets and the main area of research seems to be in finding how they
got into their orbits.

Perhaps I'm not as well read as Robert on this subject and he could just
cite the sources on the rival view that the KBOs formed after the
planets.  (No sarcasm intended.  I don't follow this burgeoning field as
closely as I should and appreciate any assistance in this area.)

> I doubt that all KBOs will be disassembled
> before one is colonized, or that all will be
> colonized before one is disassembled.
> Therefore, it seems obvious that both
> options will occur.

I agree again!  This is unprecendented!  Soon others will accuse me of
some sort of detente if not an actual alliance.  I imagine that Robert
will be breaking diplomatic relations with me soon...:)

But seriously, I plan to, if I'm around and have the capability, to grab
a few for myself.  I especially want to get the one with the [9 words
deleted].  After that, well, [7 words deleted].  [12 words deleted].
You never know, but I think the [3 words deleted] will be [3 words
deleted].  I plan to [5 words deleted].



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