[extropy-chat] Re: Stump - Alcor Member

Mathew Sullivan mathew at alcor.org
Sun Feb 22 02:00:39 UTC 2004

Alcor only found out recently and is now actively pursuing the problem.
Our efforts to resolve the problem are being done through our lobbyist and
attorney.  There is a fair amount of activity and progress taking place,
but I'm not able to disclose much information. We have sent out mail to
our AZ members and it should be arriving soon, and we plan to contact them
by phone the first part of the week.  More information should be coming
out this week after our attorney reviews the material.

Mathew Sullivan

> Unless you have some secret information on why this is
> NOT as big a problem as it appears to be, I REALLY don't
> understand why you're being so lowkey in fighting it.
> I only found out about this via word-of-mouth. I hear that
> you only emailed AZ residents (trying to save postage
> or something?) This is a BIG MISTAKE. There are lots of
> members out here and this affects all of us. I myself know
> at least four people planning on moving to AZ in the next
> few years and it's ONLY to be near Alcor. I'm going to email
> your congress-critters about this and I fail to see why ALL
> the members doing likewise wouldn't help.
> Personally, I think you should contact all of your scientific
> and medical advisors and tell them it's time to put up or
> shut up and get their butts over to Phoenix and hold a damn
> press conference. But then, maybe I'm alone in seeing this
> as a life and death issue...

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