[extropy-chat] Birthday Wish List

Dan Clemmensen dgc at cox.net
Sun Feb 22 03:22:25 UTC 2004

duggerj1 at charter.net wrote:

>Saturday, 20 December 2004
>Hello all,
>     Gina--would you mind a "some assembly required" STM? University of Muenster's Interface Physics Groups has mail-order kits for EURO 888, if you live outside Germany. 
>     If no one takes the hint, don't feel bad. I didn't get one either.
>STM kits by mail! What an age!
>Jay Dugger     :     Til Eulenspiegel
>Sometimes the delete key serves best.
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Atcually there is a much simpler and cheaper STM design. I'm currently 
trying to buikd it. It's based on a
"unimoph" piezo element which costs $2.00. This replaces the three 
expensive piezo elements in the Muenster design.

So far, my cost is still below $500, including the cost of machine 
tools. I intend to publish the design, but only after I
get it to work. It's based on
But I have made some simple modifications.

Unfortunately, while STMs and AFM are conceptually similar, they are 
very different in actual implementation.
Therefore a super-cheap STM will not necesarily lead to a super-cheap AFM.

If the unimorph concept works for the STM, it may be possible to extend 
it to permit multiple probes to operate
on the same field.  this is may prove more useful than an AFM

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