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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 22 18:55:34 UTC 2004

--- Mathew Sullivan <mathew at alcor.org> wrote:
> Lets try this again.
> The bill can be found here:

This bill is not what someone presented here. Someone claimed that it
would ban storage of human bodies for more than 5 years. This is not
what this bill does. What it does is say you need to be licensed to do

The first tack that should be taken is to get your own legislator to
amend the bill so that it does not say you have to be an embalmer to do
this, since embalming essentially destroys the usefulness of the
tissue, it is like asking your hairstylist to do a hair transplant.

The way this is worded, it sounds to me like the funeral industry sees
big money in the cryonics market and wants in on it (and to kick Alcor
out). THe prospect of managing humongous trust funds of thousands of
cryonics clients obviously makes them salivate. It would give them an
alternative profit center from the 'perpetual care' fees they charge to
maintain their graveyards.

So, once you get your own legislator, what you need to do is to counter
the smear tactics of the funeral industry. They, I am sure, are
bringing up Ted Williams, as well as a few other questionable episodes
in cryonics history to rationalize why regulation is needed.

In response, you need to bring up similar, but much more eggregious,
episodes of abuses in the funerary industry, for example those cases in
the South a couple years ago where bodies were just tossed in the woods
behind a funeral home, and another case where bodies were routinely
buried in the wrong place, old bodies were dug up to make room for new
ones and tossed in the garbage, etc. The Funeral industry has a much
nastier history of abuses than cryonics ever will. Take advantage of
that. The term "knowing where the bodies are buried" is a funeral
industry term....

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