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Thu Feb 26 01:48:47 UTC 2004

Hey extropes,
Some links mentioning me RE the FSP in this past weeks news:


The Boston Globe

AP via Newsday

These are the same basic article on the AP Wire in different
publications, all derived from this article: 

Alcor isn't the only group dealing with overbearing state government.
THe town of Killington, VT is looking to secede, and the FSP is right
there, helping them. We've launched a three week newspaper ad campaign:



I attended the Killington Town Selectboard meeting monday night to
discuss the FSP, Killington's plans, and how we can work together to
help Killington secede. The selectboard yesterday made a statement that
it strongly supports our ad campaign on TV and in the newspapers, our
work reflects the greivances and needs of the people of Killington, and
this campaign is receiving news coverage in regional and national radio
and television programs.

We are discussing similar ad campaigns for other issues around the
country. One possibility is New Mexico's proposal to mandate all cars
in state be equipped with full time ignition/breathalyzer interlocks.
Another is the nationwide issue of gay marriage. We have commercial
scripts written, we have a production crew, and we are raising funds on
a per-project basis (members who would like to pledge funds to any of
these efforts should contact me offlist).

Should Alcor wish, we would be prepared to launch a similar ad campaign
in Arizona. These ad campaigns are generally not 'in your face'. They
typically offer a subtly wry commentary on the unfairness and injustice
of the local or state government in the particular issue. They conclude
with "You may think there is a better way. We think you are right."

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