[extropy-chat] Angel Snot was Near Death Experiences: a scientific approach

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Thu Feb 26 02:15:22 UTC 2004

Many of the arguments I make are based on assumptions, yes. But to take the 
ideas “as is” and try and disprove them, I don’t think its possible, so I 
take the ideas and (try to) disprove any/all circumstances the ideas would 
be in. Like chopping down the tree because I cant get to the roots. They are 
still there, but cannot manifest in anything specific, lest the axe of 
reason strike it down. I admit my blade needs a bit of sharpening.

>You can't just make assumptions to prove your case, then say, "Aha, it
>doesn't fit my assumptions, therefore, I'm right! I'm right!":)

If I assume the soul wears a blue t-shirt, and I prove the soul cannot wear 
a blue t-shirt, haven’t I proven the soul does not wear a blue t-shirt? 
Sure, it might wear a red or a green one, but knowing it’s not blue brings 
us one step closer.

>The basic hypotheses were:
>1. The soul has mass.

If the soul has mass, the mass can be measured and manipulated by physical 
means. If the soul is subject to physical laws and forces, in theory we 
should be able to construct a soul in a laboratory.

>2. The soul leaves the body on death.

If the soul leaves upon death, it is possible that the soul enters the body 
upon life. Would a pregnant mother suddenly gain a few grams when her baby 
gained a soul?

Or, the soul could develop gradually as a result of life experiences, as was 
mentioned before. This would indicate newborn infants would have 
significantly less mass lost than a toddler. Or a 250 lb. Shut-in would lose 
less mass than a 150 lb. Photojournalist.

>You were merely stacking the deck in favor of your view as opposed to
>trying to figure out what is the correct view.

I believe there is no such thing as a soul, so I suffer bias. Inherently I 
assume positions that are aligned with what I regard to be true. If I think 
everyone is wearing a blue t-shirt, if I meet a new person on the phone, I 
would assume he is wearing one, too.

>This is all speculation on how someone might argue -- not on what is the

Yes, but it eliminates their argument from what might be the case.

I think this is a difficult topic to discuss (for me at least) because there 
are very few concrete things. The soul has yet to be defined, so discussing 
it is like painting the view through an opaque window.

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