[extropy-chat] Timeshifting

Harvey Newstrom mail at HarveyNewstrom.com
Thu Feb 26 17:55:35 UTC 2004

Robert J. Bradbury wrote,
> Another interesting question...  Does anyone on the list
> have something that at one time Sasha may have touched
> or otherwise may have picked up some of his DNA?

DNA is not enough for recovery.  I know.  I have an identical twin brother
who has my exact DNA.  We have made different choices in our lives and have
different personalities.  Clones of us would not reproduce either of us, but
would give us yet another brother who is different than us.  

DNA cloning does not duplicate people.  It is just another way of
reproducing a human from a single cell.  But that human would not be closer
than we two brothers are right now.  There may not be any way to tell which
of us were cloned, because the clone would not be any more similar to one
brother than the other.

If you wanted to produce a new human that looked like Sasha, you would get
better results with an actor and plastic surgery than with cloning.

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