[extropy-chat] Rosetta launch delayed for technical reasons

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Fri Feb 27 07:31:28 UTC 2004


"Rosetta launch delayed for technical reasons"
27 February 2004   Today's launch of Flight 158 with the Rosetta
spacecraft has been delayed for technical reasons. A piece of foam
became detached from the main stage and technical inspections are in
progress. The Rosetta spacecraft is safely under control and no
interventions are required. Launch is tentatively rescheduled for
early next week. Arianespace will hold a press conference in Kourou
at 08:30 CET. A press briefing will take place simultaneously in
ESOC, Darmstadt.

What I want to know is, WHY was this not discovered yesterday???

and more:

WHY has ESA continued to depend a ten-year, billion euro
space project) on a launch company that apparently cannot
launch ??!!


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