[extropy-chat] Re: White House To Seek Ban On Gay Sex On The Moon

Christian Weisgerber naddy at mips.inka.de
Fri Feb 27 17:41:57 UTC 2004

Amara Graps <amara at amara.com> wrote:

> ... and now for something completely different for your Friday
> (or totally expected, depending on your perspective. )  Hehe !

To put a more serious twist on this:

Social conservatives all over are up in arms against gay marriage.
I realize I'm probably asking the wrong audience here, but can
somebody explain to me WHY?

Supposedly gay marriage is eroding the institution of marriage.
And apparently this is such an obvious truth that no explanation
needs to be given.  Alas, I just don't get it.  Over the decades
there has in fact been a continuous erosion of marriage's special
status by the courts who increasingly decide on constitutional
grounds that such and such special provision, formerly reserved for
married couples, also needs to extend to unmarried (male-female)
couples.  Given this, gays' desire for marriage looks to me like
clearly being in support of what is arguably an anachronistic and
patriarchist custom.  The conservatives should be all in favor.

I just don't understand it.

But then I don't understand homophobia in general (cui malo?), nor
why people get so riled up over a very small part of the population
that by normal attention economics should instead be suffering from
utter neglect.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy at mips.inka.de

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