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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 28 13:28:50 UTC 2004

LPNH Convention:
In conjunction with the Free State Project Winter Fest in Danbury, NH,
the LPNH is having a second Convention at the Winterfest site at the
Danbury Inn to vote to confirm the changes to the Party Constitution
made at the November Convention, namely:
a) setting a minimum membership period before a member can be elected
to the executive committee (to protect the party against Buchanan-like
b) to allow non-NH-residents to join the LPNH and support it
financially, and allowing them to vote at our conventions the day they
arrive in-state to establish residency.
(So, those who do not forsee moving to NH but want to support the
project can join the LPNH and support it from their present location.
See http//www.lpnh.org for more details about joining and donating.)
WMUR television and AP reporters will be attending and reporting on

FSP Winter Festival
Ongoing this weekend in Danbury, it has been an opportunity for
porcupines to visit the state, enjoy some NH recreational activities,
meet with leaders in the state movement, and be involved in the forming
of the Free Town Project, which will concentrate 200-300 porcupines in
the neighboring town of Grafton over the next year to create a
libertarian majority and serve as a test bed for local-level
libertarian policies.
We've been scouting properties for development, learning about the town
government from town residents, and getting to know this area of the
state much better.

Free Town Land Development:
As interim chairman of the board of the FTLD Group, I'll be hosting a
board meeting at the Danbury Inn at 3 pm today to discuss properties
under consideration and possible development proposals.

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