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Sat Feb 28 23:56:24 UTC 2004

Immortality Institute ~ For Infinite Lifespans
Mission: end the blight of involuntary death

Thank You ImmInst Members
Joe Waynick, President of Alcor Life Extension Foundation,  has posted
to ImmInst that legislators "were receiving from 150-200 eMails per day" 
and that we did make a difference with our recent Action Alert. 

Arizona legislators have now decide to work with Alcor in order to 
draft a more cryonics friendly bill.  The legislation, if moved forward, 
will not likely to pass the House, Senate or Governor’s vote until 2005 
or beyond. 

CHAT: AI & Human Immortality
Ben Goertzel, CEO of Biomind LLC and Novamente LLC and and former 
founder of Webmind Inc., joins ImmInst to discuss his thoughts on the 
possibility of human physical immortality propelled by Artificial Intelligence. 

Chat Time: Sunday Feb 29 @ 8 PM EST

IF - Infinite Females
Poll: Why are immortalists mostly men?

IF Chat: Sunday Feb 29 @ 6 PM EST

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