[extropy-chat] ex-tropical

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Sun Feb 29 18:43:21 UTC 2004

--- Harvey Newstrom <mail at HarveyNewstrom.com> wrote:
> It's interesting that some people denounce the
> report as science-fiction and
> fantasy, while others yawn and say there is nothing
> new or unexpected in the
> report.  We really have radically different
> world-views within our
> community!  (I am in the "nothing new or unexpected"
> camp, myself.)

Some of it is sci-fi, some of it is not unexpected.
E.g., Europe having to deal with a lot of immigrants:
that's happening today.  But planetary depopulation
primarily from famine?  Earth is more likely to be
depopulated by mass emigration to off-Earth living
facilities than by famine.

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