[extropy-chat] Macroscale entanglement

scerir scerir at libero.it
Mon Apr 4 21:15:33 UTC 2005

Damien asked:
> Has this been mentioned here before?
> "Crucial Role of Quantum Entanglement 
> in Bulk Properties of Solids" 
> http://www.arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/0410138

This is a new (but not well established) field, 
sometimes called "entanglo-dynamics". There are
also certain principles, still under development,
like T * S = U - A (a sort of Gibbs-Helmholtz 
equation) where T is the "entanglement temperature", 
S is the "entanglement entropy" (which is zero 
in case of "pure states", >0 in case of "mixed states"), 
U is the "internal entanglement", and A is the "free 
entanglement". Or like the fundamental principle 
saying that "entanglement between systems in two regions
cannot be created, merely, by local operations on
the systems, plus classical communication between
the regions". (Remember the similar principle
of thermo-dynamics?). 

One conceptual problem here, with "entanglo-dynamics", 
might be that - according to certain speculations, 
and certain interpretations of experiments - entanglement 
between two systems (not to mention here possible 
entanglements between systems and their mirror images) 
could be caused also by a third system which is 
in their future, and not in their past. If this is true 
the "entanglo-dynamics" would be a very strange mix 
of irreversibility and (?) a-temporality. (Not to mention 
here further speculations about entanglements between 
vacuum states, and between vacuum states and matter).

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