[extropy-chat] toot toot

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 5 03:46:13 UTC 2005

> Alex Ramonsky:

> >> 18 By his neesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the
> >> eyelids of the morning.
> Sounds like someone snorting amphetamines with curry powder to me?
> (Obviously the 'scales' are used to weigh it out).
> But WTF are 'neesings'? Have we all got some?
> AR
> **************************

Neesings are the olde English way of saying sneezes.  I figure
what Job had in mind is an air breathing beast, exhaling with
a burst upon surfacing, which might resemble a sneeze.  The
original word is actually more onomatopoetically true, for 
when one sneezes it sounds a little more like NEES than SNEEZE,
does it not?  

Now, had not Eugen scolded us for excessive silliness and
lack of focus, we would probably have a number of posts
regarding knights who say NEE and such as that.  I did give
it some thought however, and would suggest that the extropian
list does have room for a wide variety of topics.  The SL4
list is more focused on singularity and far future topics,
but extropy-chat will likely benefit from keeping an open forum, 
even if the list is noisy with relatively low signal.


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