[extropy-chat] Singularity Blues

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Tue Apr 5 10:56:37 UTC 2005

Wil McCarthy is a very interesting science fiction writer. I liked very much 
his novel Bloom, and I have already saved Lost in Transmission and Hacking 
Matter (details in his article) in my Amazon shopping cart. His views on the 
forthcoming (or not?) Singularity sre similar to my own: "And while the 
world on the other side of that event may look very different from the world 
of today, my personal prediction is that we'll still see ourselves in it, 
with habits and motives largely unchanged. The desire for comfort, for 
wealth, for entertainment and novelty and pleasure... these things will 
never go away. We'll just be richer, more powerful and wiser for our 
troubles. And what, exactly, is wrong with that?"
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