[extropy-chat] Appropriate List Content - was Malachy's Prophecies; Pope John Paul II, then two before the destruction of the Holy Roman Church

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Tue Apr 5 20:22:46 UTC 2005

I'm mostly a lurker. There are posts and posters that I 'ignore' - as
in, I glance at the post and delete it pretty much unread. This is
true on many lists.

The great variety of subject matter is one of the joys of this list.
The people are interesting, intelligent, articulate, and have widely
varied areas of expertise.

The Prophecies was of some small interest because people where I live
buy into that kind of thing, and it's worth having a clue before
getting into conversation with them. 8S I did not dwell on the

The question about the purpose of Extropy-chat is a good one: are we
here to 'chat' about Extropy and Extropian things, or is this a place
where Extropians can 'chat' about (i.e.: post, read, discuss) subjects
they find interesting. Both have their appeal.

Didn't we go through something similar to this a year or so ago, when
the ... um ... board of directors / council / whatever made a new list
for themselves to discuss Extropian Business? Which is why this list
received the name Extropy-chat.

Perhaps it would be good to include the purpose of this list in the
monthly membership reminder email, so we all have that reminder


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