[extropy-chat] Reith Lectures 2005 on "The Triumph of Technology"

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The Reith Lectures 2005 on "The Triumph of
will be broadcast on BBC radio and later also available on the web in 
digital format. This year's Reith Lecturer is the distinguished engineer, 
Lord Broers. He was a pioneer of nanotechnology and the first person to use 
the scanning electron microscope for the fabrication of micro-miniature 
In the five lectures, he sets out his belief that technology can and should 
hold the key to the future. He says: "It is time to wake up to this fact. 
Applied science is rivalling pure science both in importance and in 
intellectual interest. We cannot leave technology to the technologists; we 
must all embrace it. We have lived through a revolution in which technology 
has affected all our lives and altered our societies for ever."
The audio of the first
will determine the future of the human race" is already available. From the 
presentation of the first lecture: "in recent decades a cascade of truly 
disruptive advances has revolutionised the way we live. The technologies 
behind the advances have become increasingly complex and few people 
understand how they work and fewer still where they are going. The social 
implications of the advances have also ceased to be obvious and it has 
become essential that we study their social consequences." **
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