[extropy-chat] capitalism embedded in open hearts

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Fri Apr 8 15:29:00 UTC 2005

> "Why do you think that the Pope was so popular?"
> "He was strongly anti-communism."

Oh well, if you put it THAT way, I shall put him on
my list of good guys.

I had a thought on this to post, but I have been a bit
self conscious recently with the perennial signal to
noise ratio discussion going on.  Looks like a lot of
us are as well, judging by the number of posts.

If an observer from Mars knew nothing of capitalism
or communism but who observed human history, she might
conclude that every nation that transformed to
communism did so with horrifying loss of life.  I can
immediately think of several examples: Russia, China,
Vietnam, Cuba, etc.  Those who own, fight back.  Many 
perish.  I know not a single peaceful communist transition.

When a nation eventually transforms back to capitalism
from communism, it does so *relatively* peacefully, as
we saw in Russia, we are seeing happen in China, and we
expect to see in Vietnam.  When any nation goes communist, 
there must be a bloody revolution.  But when it goes back, 
as it eventually must, there is merely a gradual peaceful
takeover by the pragmatic and fiscally competent.

How does this idea work with extropians?


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