[extropy-chat] embedded in open hearts

Hubert Mania humania at t-online.de
Fri Apr 8 19:17:15 UTC 2005

Amara wrote:

> Given that Catholicism is here to stay for some time, and given that
> love and compassion builds bridges, I prefer to try to
> understand.

Dear Amara,

appreciating your very own passion and openness to the world I would regard
your personal qualities way superior to the love and compassion this JP2 has
ever shown. He was a dictator of misunderstood love, that he "executed" only
on those who obeyed his word.

Being a nope whose every fart was followed by mass media madness, it was
easy to say some critical words against wars and capitalism or doing some
steps of concession in Jerusalem or in front of a mosque, accompanied by TV
cameras and rejoicing catholic sheep. His regime was uncompromising, though.
He has revived the office of the inquisition and appointed a German Cardinal
as chairman, Josef Cardinal Ratzinger - what a clever choice - who
celebrated the Holy Mass on St. Peter's Place today, a cold snake among

The force behind this unbelievable pilgrim stream, you are trying to
understand, certainly is a sign of honest admiration for JP2 as a person. I
cannot comprehend it though. All those nice and lovely young people must be
hopelessly ill-informed about the mafia-like structure of the Vatican or
they are just victims of religious mass hysteria and secular media brain
washing of the last two weeks. Or, let's face it: they are too damn stupid
or in need of a hero who fills out their empty life.

No, I'm not going to warm up for a rant against catholicism now. It is
hopelessly nopeless, let alone popeless. Nobody will change the sickening,
fear producing and personality reducing rules of true surrender under a
catholic regime. It makes me sick to watch this ridiculous spectacle in
Rome, all this hypocrisy, secular and theological.

In his book "Illuminatus" I-III, Robert Anton Wilson has created a character
who distributes business cards among the population which grant them the
right to be a pope on their own or  a "fope" respectively (for a female card
receiver; retranslated from German so it might be wrong). A futile and
surrealist action like this: coming to Rome and distributing those cards
among the sheep on St. Peter's would have been the only choice for me if I
still were a young man in my twenties. But I'm too tired to do pentaphysical
nonsense like this anymore.


> P.S. It's raining here now. I think that (tensof)thousands
> were sleeping on the Rome streets last night. Now what?

Don`t worry, Amara. Their honest or sheeply compassion will burn the
cold rain out of their clothes.

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