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David Lubkin extropy at unreasonable.com
Fri Apr 8 20:09:49 UTC 2005

Amara wrote:

>The families arriving from Ecuador are mostly Inca-descendants and very 
>very Catholic. My friend's sister was shocked at the sexual behavior of 
>the Ecuador families because they have sexual relations freely between all 
>of the family males and females to the point that the mothers are unable 
>to know who is the father of that child. The families were surprised to 
>learn that this is a problem for the Ligurian Catholics (and religion in 
>general). Apparently the Catholic Church in Ecuador accepted these sexual 

It's not clear that the Church knew about this. When Catholic missionaries 
spread to Haiti, where vodun is a long-standing belief system, the locals 
incorporated aspects of Catholicism into their practice. Mary, for 
instance, joined their pantheon alongside Baron Samedi. But the locals were 
also knew that Father Joe wouldn't approve, so they just didn't tell him.

>I think it is a good idea to keep an open mind, collect and synthesize 
>information and be a good listening ear and helpful, when possible. Don't 
>assume that the Catholics of the world are your enemies or against you. 
>Talk with them from your heart.

Always good advice.

Tammy Bruce tells how she -- a lesbian, feminist, Democrat -- found common 
cause with Bush and the conservatives. Part of the story was her 
discovering that her NOW sisters would not abide any dissent in the ranks. 
Meanwhile, she appeared on radio programs, debating conservative, religious 
women. Who were warm and decent to her off-air, and invited her to their 
homes for dinner.

Lynn Margulis argues that cooperation (symbiosis) was a more significant 
factor in evolution than competition.

-- David.

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