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March 31, 2005

"It's Mainly Just for Fun"
Space entrepreneur Burt Rutan on how private space flight policy should
emphasize innovation, safety—and having a helluva good time

Interviewed by Ted Balaker

Lots of hard work. Big burst of publicity. Lots of hard work. That's been
the pattern for Burt Rutan.

He is the model of persistent performance, averaging more than one new
aircraft design per year for over 30 years. Then, last October 4, Rutan
and his team at Scaled Composites grabbed the world's attention. They
became the first private operation to send a man into suborbital space
twice within two weeks, using the same vehicle. Rutan and company nabbed
the $10 million Ansari X-Prize, and proved that entrepreneurial creativity
could extend beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Now it'll take more hard
work—both scientific and political—to make space tourism a reality.

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