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Mon Apr 11 03:57:51 UTC 2005

--- Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> Sorry if I'm interjecting and grabbing the wrong end
> of
> the stick here but surely something is obviously
> missing
> in this analysis. The chances of 2 doves surviving
> long
> enough to meet each other in an environment
> otherwise
> infested with hawks must be very low or require some
> additional assumptions about the environment such as
> that there are places doves can go to meet that
> hawks 
> can't easily get too. 
I am not positive of the details but you should
consult the literature and find them out if you are
interested. keep in mind these are very simple
computer heuristics and not actual doves or hawks. The
doves never fight meaning that they run from any
fight, thus whenever they meet a hawk at the hawk's
nest, they flee. When a hawk comes to their "nest"
they flee and relinquish the nest to the hawk thus
they always survive. It is not a model of
predator-prey, it is a model of competition vs.
altruism. It is part of the self-interest theory of
evolution, which states that seemingly altruistic
behavior arises because it has hidden survival value
that it confers upon the practicer. i.e "sharing" can
be considered "selfish" in the long run.

> > Recently however game theorists have come 
> > up with a strategy called "forgiving-tit-for-tat"
> that
> > outcompetes everything including the original "tit
> for
> > tat". FTFT operates essentially as TFT except
> that, it
> > will, a small percentage of time forgive an
> opponent
> > that defected last time. This allows it to
> cooperate
> > with "tit-for-tats" that have been set on
> retaliate by
> > their previous opponent.
> I'm sceptical of this but I could be wrong and would
> be interested in the research.
Hmmm well in response to your criticism, I did a
search and gound an interesting site:


This site lists tournament results of repeated games
of prisoner's-dillemna. Apparently my info was a
little out for date as FTFT only placed 39 in the last
tournament (still better than normal TFT) but it
indicates that there are better strategies out there
then either. I myself am somewhat curious about the
details of those strategies. :)

The Avantguardian 

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