[extropy-chat] Exoskeletons about to hit market

Joseph Bloch jbloch at humanenhancement.com
Wed Apr 13 00:30:40 UTC 2005

Absolutely fascinating stuff.

If it becomes feasible (and doubtless in a few years it can be) to 
super-power the motors, I can definitely see uses for being able to run 
at 45 mph and being able to lift a ton. On the most mundane of levels, 
think of the exoskeleton Ripley used in the film "Aliens"; the utility 
in construction, freight handling, search-and-rescue, etc. Imagine every 
fire company equipped with one of those bad boys, suitably insulated, 
able to stride into an inferno and knock down a few walls to rescue 
trapped victims. Think of what you could do with that looking for 
earthquake survivors.

And the police and military applications are obvious. I'll bet DARPA 
will be among the initial purchasers, if they don't have a few stashed 
away already. IIRC, they were looking into powered armor soldiers a few 
years ago.


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Hal Finney wrote:

>Adrian Tymes writes about an exoskeleton at:
>I don't have much need to lift heavy objects, but a backpack powered
>device that would assist me in running faster would be fun.  Imagine using
>that to literally run to the store and back to pick up a few groceries.
>Of course you might say that's what bikes are for, but running has
>its advantages.

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