[extropy-chat] Exoskeleton power

Henrique Moraes Machado hemm at openlink.com.br
Thu Apr 14 12:37:20 UTC 2005

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> In an area like a warehouse, it should be possible to lay a specialized 
> floor with smart conductive plates. The floor and the suit would 
> co-operate to activate plates in pairs as the feet contact the plates, 
> to provide electrical power. The suit would run or stored energy during 
> the brief periods when out of contact with the floor. The stored energy 
> (flywheel, battery, whatever) would have to be high power but not high 
> capacity.
> I envision a scheme in which the plates are on a 1-cm grid, so in 
> general the sole of a foot will cover several plates. the sole in turn 
> is covered with plates on approximately the same grid. It should be 
> possible to pick a pair of floor plates and a pair of shoe plates such 
> that when activated (and with the rest of the plates deactivated) you 
> have two electrically isolated current paths from the floor to the suit.

Or you could simply use the inductive method

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